.ws is the new .com

Or maybe it’s the new .net. When websites were first registered and there was only one option, .com’s went quickly and the good ones now go for a premium. Even some of the good ones are hard to remember because they’re so long. .net came out as the first alternative, and people were first introduced the idea that there could be more. The big companies with the good .com’s began to buy the .net corresponding to the website they already had. We also saw the impetus of squatting on websites where the owner would wait for the a buyer to come along so they could get top dollar for it. With all the TLD’s out there today, there is confusion in the industry as to which one to choose. Most people just assume they don’t want to even try to get the .com they really want. Or even the .net. With the introduction of .ws as the new, stable TLD everyone is asking about, consumers and entrepreneurs can find a reliable, solid direction for their blogs and small businesses. In case you’re wondering, .ws originally signified the country of Samoa. If you would like to read more about the guys that started GDI, the company that hosts this TLD, click here:¬†http://website.ws/about.dhtml. The best place to find out more information and to register your .ws domain is right here: http://www.jukeboxfinancialenterprises.ws.

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